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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Massalama, Gid-du and Teta!

Lee Anna and Sawyer had a great time having their grandparents here for a few days, and you can tell from the pictures that Mimi and Papaw had a pretty good time, too. They really made an effort to do what the kids like to do. Unfortunately, Sawyer’s interests are pretty limited right now. Papaw must have told every taxi driver in our city that he’s a grandfather (“Ana Gid-du”).

It was such a treat for us to get to show them around our new home. Mimi never quite got over how people drive here, and Papaw never got over how cheap things are. We were just glad to be around people who speak less Arabic than we do. Talk about an ego boost!

We are so grateful for all the things that enable us to keep in touch with our families. Living overseas is not what it was a hundred years ago, thanks to airplanes and the internet. What a blessing!

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  1. Good looking folks there! And it all looks like so much fun, too. Hope I'll be able to enjoy some of that before too long.
    Grandpa Blimp

  2. Hey Jason and Beth!! (and Lee Anna and Sawyer too!) You guys look like you're having fun! :D I'm glad that Beth's parents had some time to spend with you and I am enjoying seeing all the wonderful pictures! Hope to hear from you soon! Love, Katie

  3. okay folks, time for an update.

    it's not like you have a newborn baby and you don't have time to update your blog, right!?!