We're Jason, Beth, Lee Anna, Sawyer, and Sarah Claire, a family of five living, learning, and laughing lots in Northern Africa.
We hope you can learn a little (and maybe laugh a little too) as you read about our latest adventures.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Experiencing the Magic

At long last, I've finally gotten our Disney pictures together in this little montage. I would write more about what a great trip it was, but it's late and I'm tired (and oh yeah, 8 months pregnant), so you'll just have to enjoy the video!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Reunions

This Easter weekend was a fun time of reconnecting.
Here are a few of the friends and family members we got to see... Me and my little sis (who, by the way, will be living in the same town
as me this summer for the first time since she was seven!)
Sawyer with my cousin Grady
Lee Anna with her G.G.
Me and my little bro
The whole crew (minus Uncle Andy, of course) on Easter Sunday morning. Lee Anna had just experienced a great tragedy involving spilled jelly beans on the sidewalk, so she was not willing to smile for the camera.
Some sweet friends from waaaay back. If it weren't for the pregnant bellies,
I'd say we could still pass for high school kids (Only joking. I do know better than that!).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Sawyer and Lee Anna wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! They have had a delightful day experiencing Easter in America.The bunny outfits were made by their Mimi, and she also helped them make those cute bunny "baskets." They have hidden and found hundreds, if not thousands, of eggs this week (well, technically, I guess they've hidden and found the same few eggs hundreds, if not thousands, of times). Thankfully, we've had enough grownups around to take turns with all the egg-hiding fun.

I have lots more great pictures from the weekend, so I'll try to post some more tomorrow. Happy Easter, Everyone! We pray you had a joyful celebration of the greatest day in history.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Family Week

We've gotten to catch up with some more of our family this week, first with a quick trip to Mississippi to have lunch with both of the kids' great-grandmothers (plus a few great uncles), and now with a visit from their grandmother GG. Tomorrow a few more aunts and uncles will join the party, thanks to the Easter holiday. We're so glad to be able to see everyone!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Then and Now

Last week was a fun one for us. We got to revisit a beautiful place in Virginia where we spent our last few months before moving overseas in 2005. It was great to be back, to reconnect with old friends we hadn't seen in 3-plus years, and to hear about exciting things going on all over the world.

It's hard to believe that our little princess has grown from this...

to this...

in just three short years. Where does the time go???

The kids had a blast going to "school" each day in an incredible children's facility, and we had fun watching them interact with other TCKs (third culture kids). We also had fun sharing our "coming back to America" stories with others who have recently experienced the same thing. It's nice to know someone else has been overwhelemed by the pasta aisle at Walmart, frustrated at having to wait so long at red lights, and amazed at the things that can change in three years' time.

We are definitely not the same people we were when we took this picture three and a half years ago (and not just because we've grown in number)...

but hopefully we can act American enough that we won't stick out too badly for the next few months (if we can just get Daddy to quit trying to honk his horn!).
Whether we fit in or not, we're enjoying our time here on this side of the ocean. We'll try to keep you updated on our adventures this month. It's going to be fun!