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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rub-a-dub-dub, two kids in the tub

This week, we decided that Sawyer was finally tough enough to be in the same bathtub with Lee Anna. She was very excited to have a little human toy to play with along with her baby dolls and rubber duckies. We only had to tell her a few times to stop pouring cups of water on his head.

Sawyer spent the time doing pretty much the same thing he does all the rest of his waking hours: climbing on whatever obstacle he encounters (even if she's twice your size and pours water on your head) . . .

and putting whatever he can reach in his mouth!Of course no bathtime would be complete without a hooded towel . . .
and fuzzy pajamas!
Night-night everybody.

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  1. Beth & Jason,
    Your children are beautiful! Melanie told me about your site one day when I was lamenting about Riley Cate being raised 3 hours away from us! I really enjoy reading about your adventures...keep up the good work! And I do think often of your families & how much I'm sure they would love to see those precious kids more often! Happy Thanksgiving from Arkansas.

    Nana Ross