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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is He Engaged Now?

Last night, our friends came to eat American food with us. We bought a beef roast and I called Mom as soon as she was awake to ask for any advice in cooking it. The meat came out great, and they seemed to enjoy it a lot, even though they might not have been so comfortable with everyone having his own plate. After dinner, our friend Shymet helped clear the table. We had served rice in four bowls which we ate out of. When she got finished cleaning the table, she put the leftover rice from each of those bowls back into the big pot. Beth couldn't bring herself to tell her that wasn't really all that sanitary. After dinner, we were drinking tea in the living room when Ranna took a shine to baby Sawyer. She's about six months older than he, and she started chasing him around and kissing him. I'm not sure what that means in this culture, but I think they might be engaged now.

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  1. Unless they're wierd he can't be engaged because it is a big no-no for guys to marry older ladies over here. we always get told this because yvonne is 10 months older than i am.

    ask him what they're opinion is on that... but don't let me think it's because you're agreeing to any marriage proposal... haha :)