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Sunday, September 23, 2007

On the Other Side of the Globe

Well, here are some photos from our trip--finally! I'll comment below each picture. Lee Anna and Ariel decided to share a seat belt for this particular take-off. The kids did a super, super job with all the flying. They were well-behaved on every flight (a total of 6), and managed to sleep a good bit, which meant Mom & Dad got to sleep some, too.
No, Sawyer didn't ride all the way upside down. He had his own seat, and even sat in it a good bit.
This may be part of the reason they slept so well on the flights over. This picture was taken at 1:42 a.m., while we waited for our first flight to board. Lee Anna never went to sleep until we took off. By then, she was so exhausted, she slept the whole 5-hour flight!
Nothing like a little "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" at 1:30 a.m.!Welcome to America, Sawyer! Here we are in Atlanta waiting for our last flight. We called Mimi from a pay phone and I told Lee Anna to tell her we were in America. She said, "Mimi, I'm going to the America!" She got it right on the second try. America is kind of an abstract concept for a 3-year-old to grasp.
And here she is smiling for the camera in her new dress from Mimi. Both kids racked up on handmade clothes on this trip--thanks Mimi, Aunt Stacy, and Aunt Belinda!
Yep, Sawyer got one, too.
Here's Sawyer that first afternoon, when he just didn't quite know what to think about that tall green stuff. I think I'll just stay here on the pavement, guys.
And here's the last pic for now--Sawyer demonstrating that his ability to make a complete mess at mealtime is not limited to one continent.

Stay tuned for shots of all the sweet friends who came to see us!

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