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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Baba!

Today is Jason's birthday. He says he's still 29, but we all know that's not the case since he was born in 1970! We didn't have a big party, but the kids and I did fix him a special birthday treat and give him his presents. Here are the kids helping to crush the Oreos for his special ice cream dessert. They loved this part.Lee Anna also had fun sprinkling the pecan pieces on top. Sawyer just got to watch this part, although he would have much preferred to be sticking his fingers in the ice cream.
Here they are coloring Daddy's birthday cards.
And here's Lee Anna helping Daddy find his presents. In Beth's family, it's traditional to hide all the presents and then play hot or cold for the Birthday Boy/Girl to find them. Apparently 3-year-olds have not developed the brain capacity to fully understand this game. Lee Anna was very cute, but had no interest in waiting for Daddy to find the presents when she already knew where they were!
And here's Daddy showing off some of his presents. Yes, we gave him 4 pairs of sunglasses. Sunglasses have a way of not surviving for very long in our house, so we thought Daddy should stock up a little bit on his supply. They're not Ray-Bans or Oakleys or anything, but they'll keep the sun out of his eyes. We'll see how long these last. (And no, that's not all we gave him!)
Happy Birthday Daddy! We lit all 37 candles, so we had to scoop the wax out before we could eat!
And here's Lee Anna showing off the big candle that came with the little ones I bought. I can't imagine that there's a very high demand for Spanish birthday candles in North Africa, but hey, maybe I'm wrong.
Happy Birthday, Daddy. We love you.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jason! Enjoyed your birthday pictures and hope your b'day was as wonderful as it looked! Have a blessed and fruitful year!