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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crazy Art Revisited

We made another trip out to one of our very favorite places today: Fagnoon Art School. "Fagnoon" is a mix of the Arabic words for "art" and "crazy," and our kids love visiting this magical place where they can sculpt pottery and paint the walls, not to mention run & jump & climb & yell in big wide open spaces.
Two of Sawyer & Lee Anna's friends just had birthdays, so we made this trip to Fagnoon their birthday present. Painting & sculpting & running & jumping & climbing & yelling & painting & getting really dirty is always more fun when you have friends to do it with you.
They climbed...
and climbed...
and, oh yeah, did a few art projects...
then got back to climbing!

The dads even got in on the fun with this crazy swinging platform!

We had a delightful time, as we always do. Tonight, after we told the kids good night and turned out the lights, Lee Anna said, "Daddy, thank you for taking us to Fagnoon today. I had a lot of fun." Being that sweet about it, I'd say she's got a pretty good chance of getting to go back!

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