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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Four Months

Sarah Claire wanted you all to know that even with all the chaos of moving to our new flat, we did manage to get the "Monkey Picture" taken on her four-month birthday. Here she is smiling her best little Princess smile.

And here's a close-up...

And here's what happens if you try to leave a four-month-old in a sitting-up position for more than a few minutes...
She's been sleeping on a mattress on the floor (like the rest of us) since we got to our new place, but today Lee Anna and I got her crib set up (Okay, just to clarify, Daddy actually put the crib together. We just made it cute.) Then Lee Anna entertained her with a puppet show. It was cute.

She's not rolling over yet, but she does roll way over on her side from her back. It won't be long before she makes it all the way over. She's able to reach and grab for things in front of her, and she loves to lie on her play mat and talk to the animals hanging above her. She makes the sweetest little gurgling sounds when she's happy, which is most of the time. She also learned to stick out her tongue this week. Our friend was over and noticed that when she stuck out her tongue, Sarah Claire would stick hers out, too. They did it over and over!

We're so grateful for our precious little princess. We love you , Sarah Claire!

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