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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Don't think We're in Kansas Anymore

Aunt Stacy is coming to see us?! Really!?! Apparently the Eleventh Anniversary of one's 29th birthday is a pretty big deal.

The day before she got here, Stacy called and asked me if I could drive to the airport and pick her up. I had to sit down to take this call.

You see, for 6 weeks or so, Beth and Stacy (and Mimi, too) had been plotting a pretty big surprise for my birthday. I knew there was a surprise coming, but I had absolutely no idea it would be this! I was hoping for an iPhone or an iPad, or maybe even an old VW Beetle, but I was just shocked out of my mind that they had convinced Stacy to make a 20-hour trip and come to the desert!

Here we are on Road 9 at Lucille's. I've been walking Rd. 9 for almost 5 years now, but this was my first chance to take my sister there. This was a pretty cool collision of two worlds for me.

This is our friend Omar. No, Stacy wouldn't ride him, since she's great with child and all.

"You see, they're kinda pointy at the top. "
Yes, there really is a Pizza Hut that close. I'm pretty sure it's not as old as the Great Pyramid behind it.

I chose an ice cream cake for the Big Party. Yummylicious.

Lee Anna spent weeks making me a book of "Forty Things I Love About My Dad." This might be the sweetest thing I ever read.

While she managed to avoid the camera most of the trip, Mimi was seldom very far from the grandkids. Thanks for bringing Aunt Stacy to see us!!

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