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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bike Ride Part I

Well, I think we're officially raising City Slickers. When I was a kid, we had room in our yard to learn to ride a bicycle. And the streets were quiet enough that when I was 7 I rode my bike to school and to friends' houses with no supervision and no problems. But my kids live five floors off the ground, and the streets around here aren't all that quiet. But this weekend, we decided to do a little beginning bike riding anyway. We have two small bicycles, but they hadn't been used much lately. So I started by dusting them off and then took them to the bike shop to get the tires patched and inflated. Then we were ready. We got an early start that morning, so I was back home with the bikes ready to go before noon!
These little guys had a big time riding in circles around a flat spot in the desert. There was no traffic to contend with, so they just rode and rode.
The training wheels were great, as long as the ground was flat. But frequently, the training wheels would get propped up on rocks and the back wheel would be raised into the air and turn the whole thing into a stationary exercise bike.
Maybe if they practice in the garage a little first, we'll be able to get out on the streets pretty soon. Sarah Claire looks ready, doesn't she?

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