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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sawyer!

Our sweet boy is no longer four. He had a birthday earlier this month and is now "a whole hand"!
It is so hard to believe it's been five years since we welcomed this sweet but not-so-small, 9 lb., 4 oz., baby into our family. He has been such a joy!
He had his birthday dinner on the special plate--chicken panee, mac n cheese, and rice. Not so healthy, but it made him happy!

He decided months before his birthday that he wanted this bear-shaped ice cream cake. Nevermind that he's really not a big ice cream fan, he had seen it at the ice cream store and was sure that was the one he wanted. He said, "Mama, after we get it, you can take it in the kitchen and write a 5 on it." So I did. (the blue smeared spots are where the candles were)

Then we played our traditional "Hot and Cold" game for him to find his presents. Lee Anna helped him read the big words in the birthday cards.

She also gave him the card she had handmade for him.

He loved his gifts...

and got busy playing with them right away!

Happy Birthday, Brother Bear! We love you and can't imagine
our family without you!

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