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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hurry Back, Guys!

So, what does a small, two-year-old, third child do if the two bigger ones aren't on the scene for a few days?  It seems the one in our family is eating up the extra attention! Lee Anna and Sawyer hopped on a plane with Uncle Andy last week to spend three weeks visiting grandparents and cousins on the other side of the pond. So little Sarah Claire is getting to experience being an only child. Did we ever say it was hard when we just had one kid? Turns out it's really not.

Here are the big kids by the door with their carry-on bags loaded with 24 hours' worth of entertainment.

Before they left, Lee Anna had a brief Ukrainian language lesson with Uncle Andy. She learned to say several words and phrases, and learned some of their alphabet, too. (The English part was written by Sawyer.)
But now, it's just Mom, Dad, and Sarah Claire! She got all dressed up in her new "Fancy Nancy" dress. But she didn't like being called "Fancy Nancy!" "NO!! Sarah Claire!!"
Have you ever seen anything as fierce as this ferocious bear?  She loves to put on the mask and growl at us.

She took the mask off and then said "Again." Then proceeded to put it on upside down.
She's a sweetie!

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  1. That sounds like a fun time!!! They are so brave with their backpacks ready for an adventure! Enjoy your time!