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Monday, August 08, 2011

Geography Stars

The ArabMusicians Family Homeschool has commenced classes for the 2011-12 school year. We have some travels planned for this fall, so the Headmistress decided that August 1 would be a good start-date.

When you grow up on a different continent than the one where your parents grew up, geography has a much more tangible application than it might for more "normal" kids. The "Twins" are learning to locate all the countries this year, but the first task is to identify the continents. They have a little song that aids in memory. If you watch closely, you might notice that one kid seems to be leading and one kid seems to be following, but they're both singing and pointing at the continents. And, in his defense, I'm pretty sure when I was Sawyer's age, I thought "South America" meant Georgia and Florida, and "North America" meant North Carolina or other distant locales.

And I'm certain that when I was 2 I could no more have located France on a map than I could have built an airplane from toothpicks to fly there. Check this out:

She actually knows lots more, but usually declares "Finish!" after only three or four. I guess we'll cut her some slack for now, though.

These kids seem to be doing well. And they have one sharp teacher leading the way!

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