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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

50 Days of This?

These pictures should demonstrate the change in scenery we have from day to day. They're both shots of the view from our front door. The locals call this season "Chemaseen" or 50 Days. It's the time after the "rainy season" when the dust blows in from the desert. Okay, they call it the Rainy Season, but it only rained one day. It's not this dusty every day, but some days you just can't see at all. The Arabic word for dust is "trobe." We walked down a busy street on Sunday, and about half the shops were closed for the dust. They figure they're not going to make much money anyway, since nobody wants to go out shopping, and then they'd spend the whole next day cleaning everything in the shop and not get anything else done that day. Makes it a little inconvenient if you need to buy stuff, but it works for them.

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  1. This reminds me of my younger days! I grew up in Floydada, near Lubbock, TX and I remember well the sand storms there!