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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Water Heater Saga Continues

So when the guy left at 4:00 today, everything was working fine. We used hot water to wash some dishes and then went out to eat. At 9:00, I (Jason) got back from the evening grocery run and wanted to take the shower I didn’t get this morning. So I got ready and turned on the hot water. Nothing. Just cold tap water (which the TV says is heavily chlorinated to kill the bird flu that can't be transmitted by water anyway...?). So I got dressed and walked back to the plumber’s shop. Everybody else seems to stay open until 10 or later, but not the plumber.

Well, I’ve seen these guys take this thing apart 3 times now, so I found my pliers and wrenches and got to work. I found the faulty part—it’s a cheap Chinese part—and rigged it with an American penny so it would work. I also cleaned a lot of grease and gunk around a small fitting that wasn’t working right. I got my hot shower (at 10:00), but now I need that gunk back so it won’t leak. Oh well… Maybe tomorrow the plumber can come back.

For a place that only averages one inch of rainfall a year, we sure are having a lot of problems with water!


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  2. Sounds like fun Jason. Hope you have better success than I do with Plumming?? Every time I DO plumming, I cause more problems than I fix!!