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Friday, August 25, 2006

Out-of-Town Adventure, Part The Last

What It's All About

We promise this is the last post from the retreat, but we wanted to let you see that it was more than just fun and games. Even though we don't understand most of the words they say and sing during their meetings, we can see in their faces that their love is real. We were so thankful to be able to spend a week with our Arab brothers and sisters--and we're so glad that our Father hears us in whatever language we speak!

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  1. Hey there folks! Now, since y'all "confessed" to me while I was in town that you checked everyone else's blogs at least once a day what about something new on yours?? :-) Just thought I'd give you a hard time. Thanks for being so welcoming and understanding during our day of adventures! Please know that if the funds are there I truly want to come visit. Oh yeah, could you send me some of the pics from the boat ride? I just realized that you guys got the ones with people and I didn't. Much love and talk to you soon!!