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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shout out to Mr. Avery

If any of you are reading this in Crestview, and happen to run in to Bill Avery, tell him I said thanks. You see, 20 years ago this fall I sat in his 10th grade chemistry class at CHS and had to learn some formulas for converting metric to English units. (Did I really just type “20 Years Ago” about my high school days?!?!?) I didn’t see it as all that important at the time, but boy was I wrong. Almost every day it helps to know that an inch is 2.54 cm, (and therefore 30 cm is about a foot) and that a kilo is 2.2 pounds (so Sawyer’s 6.4 kilograms is 14 pounds). We learned from Mr. A that to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius you subtract 32, multiply by 5 and divide by 9. And reverse all that to convert C to F. (So when it’s 40 outside, it’s real hot)

When Beth wants to make brownies, we have to figure out how hot 350 F is in our Celsius oven, then turn it down a little, since it runs a little hot. So while I’m doing the math, she gets out a match and lights the oven. It’s gas, and the pilot doesn’t work, so baking anything involves lighting the oven with a match. We have a great oven, though. Some of our friends have to remove the whole bottom panel from their oven in order to light it.


  1. Hey thanks. I can tell my kids this story when they ask that questions I love to hear - When will I ever use this Ms. Scholz?

  2. There's an easier way to convert deg. C into deg F:

    ((C * 2) + 32) - 10% = def F

    In english....doube the deg C. Add 32. Now subract 10%.

    If you want to do it quick and dirty...just close enough, double deg C and add 32. Don't worry about the 10%.

  3. I love reading your blog...it makes it seem like you're so much closer than you really are!

    Thanks so much for the message on our blog. I needed that!

    Love you bunches!

  4. Hey! I always had trouble with the conversions too :-) Just wnted to ask you (and I never can get the email correct) - did the stuff I sent get where it needed to go? Just wanted to make sure I didn't let you peeps down!