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Monday, September 04, 2006

Train Up a Child?

This has been a pretty hard weekend for our family. Since Beth and I got married, our Saturdays in the fall have been singularly focused (and our Thursday nights, too, usually). We spent more than one Saturday planted on the couch from the 9:30 GameDay preview show to the midnight conclusion of the late SEC game. Sadly, our new friends here will never understand our passion for the roar of the crowd on third and inches, kids (in their twenties) with their faces (and other assorted body parts) painted, 80,000 people doing the "Chop", big piles of Buffalo wings, large bands playing loudly, Hail Mary passes, shotgun formation on first down, Chief Osceola planting the flaming spear at midfield, and thousands of other sights and sounds that make college football the greatest sport anywhere.

We hope to eventually get connected to an international version of ESPN that will have some games each week, but we don't have it yet. For the Miami game tonight (tomorrow morning here), I'll have to get up at 3:00 a.m. to listen to the radio broadcast online. Our usual game-day nachos and Rotel dip might be replaced by coffee and Pop Tarts.

If we're not careful, Lee Anna and Sawyer are going to grow up thinking a "football" is round and black and white.


  1. poptarts!?!?! y'all have poptarts!?!

  2. Somehow I knew that was going to be a post from Ange saying exactly that...When I read the poptarts thing the same thought ran through my head :-)