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Saturday, October 28, 2006

American Pizza?

Almost. When you have two little ones in your family, it's a lot easier to order in than to go out to a restaurant or to cook, so we have a steady line of delivery guys coming to our door at meal time. Sometimes, when the doorbell rings Lee Anna yells, "PIZZA!!!". But Pizza delivery here isn't exactly the same as it is there. First, pork products aren't allowed, so we get "beef pepperoni" or "beef bacon." Our friend says the pepperonis make it like a "summer sausage pizza." Second, if you order a "pepperoni" pizza, you get pepperoni, plus mushrooms and olives. And the olives here are a lot stronger than any pizza topping in America, so we usually nix those.

Yes, those are ketchup packets in the box with the pizza. It's not bad, but I can live without ketchup on my pizza.

Speaking of delivery guys--I called Quizno's recently to order a sandwich for lunch. The guy answered and I said "Good afternoon, how are you?" in Arabic and the guy responded, "Oh 54b!" he's been here enough to know our address just from my bad American accent. Maybe we should cook more?

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