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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fun Kid Pictures

Here are some fun pictures from the last month or so. One morning Lee Anna decided she wanted to help us get breakfast ready by pouring Mommy's cereal. She found out those Cheerios come out pretty fast! Here she is sporting pigtails for the first time. When I finished
fixing them, she went to the mirror and said, "Boosi, ana gameela!"
(Look, I'm beautiful!)

Here's Sawyer sitting in the high chair for the first time. He didn't actually eat anything in there, but he was much happier sitting at the table with us than he was being banished to the playpen while we ate. It makes us pretty happy to see those grins while we eat, too.

And here he is having some fun in the playpen. He scooted all
around the inside of the playpen,
and then he ran out of real estate.
Stop, Sawyer! Stop!

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