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Monday, March 05, 2007

A Grandpa's-Eye View

We mentioned in an earlier post that we didn't get many pictures of Grandpa (Jason's dad) while he was here visiting a few weeks ago. Well, that's because the camera was always in his hands! He took lots and lots of pictures while he was here -- and a few of them were even of something besides the grandkids. Here are some of our favorite "around the town" photos. (Don't worry, grandmas, we'll post the grandkid pictures, too!) Downtown traffic. Looks like fun, huh?
For those of you who were worried that Barbie and Mickey might not have made it over here.

Here's Jason getting his shoes shined and Sawyer hoping the guy will hurry up before Daddy drops him!

Here's a shot from one of our favorite places to overlook the city. From this spot you can look in any direction and see nothing but buildings. Granted, you can't see as far as you could without the lovely cloud of ever-present smog, but it's still impressive.

And last, here's a boy just trying to sell some bread. It's super cheap, less than 10 cents per piece. Any takers?

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