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Friday, March 02, 2007

There's No Stopping Me Now!

A post from Sawyer
Hi Everyone! I would like to announce to all of you that I am now officially a toddler! I was tired of letting Lee Anna do all the walking and running around our house, so I've decided to join her. I surprised my mom and dad one morning this week by just walking across the room. Mom stood me up, let me go and said, "Walk to Daddy!" but she didn't really think I would do it. Well, I showed her! I walked right to Daddy and then kept on walking all over the room. I'm still working on my balance a little bit. Fortunately, when a kid my size falls down, he doesn't fall very far. So I just pull right back up and try again.
I especially like walking toward fun objects like balloons. I mean, how could you resist walking toward something that bright yellow and fun?
Here I am in mid-step. Check out that excellent footwork! Daddy says anybody who can stand up and walk should be able to water ski. Look for me on the River this summer!

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