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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Silly Stuff

Here's Sawyer demonstrating his favorite pastime of all--pushing around a squeegee or broom. He would rather do this than almost anything. When all the kids are swimming in our little pool, he'd rather be on the ground pushing the squeegee around. He'll do it for hours--well, hours in baby time, which is really maybe about 10 minutes. But when you're only one, 10 minutes still a pretty big percentage of your life. And here's how Lee Anna and her friends improvised this weekend when they spent the night with us. They wanted to play dress up, but soon discovered that our supply of dress up clothes is pretty limited, so they decided to use these hooded towels. I think it's just as good as a real cape!
And here's what I found when I opened a kitchen cabinet to put away some dishes tonight. Apparently Lee Anna thought her kitty needed a change of scenery, so she put him to sleep in here. She has been putting things to sleep for a long time now; some of you may remember the days when she preferred to put our cell phones to sleep (click here if you need a reminder). These days she usually sticks to dolls and animals, and she usually puts them in beds, not kitchen cabinets!

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