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Friday, November 23, 2007

Eid El Shokr (Feast of Thanks)

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! We hope you had a great day giving thanks, enjoying delicious food, and being with people you love. We certainly did! We were reminded that we're not living in America when we had to explain to our housekeeper and doorman why we weren’t taking our kids to daycare on Thursday. They didn’t know it was a holiday (it wasn't for them!). It was also a little different having to fight rush hour traffic to get to our friends' house for the big meal. But once we got there, we had a wonderful time eating, laughing and celebrating His faithfulness together.

Here are the kids on Thanksgiving Day:

Have you ever seen a cuter pilgrim???

Here's Lee Anna concentrating intently to draw something she's thankful for. We are all so very blessed. It was nice to have a day to stop and dwell on some of those things. Stay tuned for pics from the day after Thanksgiving--getting out the Christmas decorations!

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