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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Visitors from Afar

Here are the long-awaited pictures from our most recent group of visitors. This was a really cool experience for us. We got to introduce lots of people from our "former life" to our new life on this side of the ocean. They were all wonderful guests--very flexible and good-natured in spite of jet lag, mosquitos, and the tummy problems that sometimes come with eating new foods in third world countries.

Most of our visitors came to lead a program for our children while the adults were in other meetings. They did an amazing job! Lee Anna is still talking about all the things she got to do at her "special school." Our friends Ross & Rodney also came from TX to spend time with the grownups. They did an incredible job as well.

We were too busy with all those guests to take very many pictures, but here are a few that we managed to snap.

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