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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Big Day

Hello Friends and Family and Adoring Fans! Sarah Claire here. I told my mom that it's high time she let me start blogging, seeing as how I'm a whole month old now. I may be the youngest member of this family, but I still have things to say!

I've had a busy first month. There's a lot to do out here in the world, and when you sleep 18 hours a day, you don't have a lot of time to do it!

We've been on some fun outings. I've been to the park, to the beach (or near it at least), to see the Fourth of July fireworks (Sawyer & Lee Anna tell me they were nice--I wouldn't know because I slept through the whole thing), to church, to the mall, and to this place Mom loves called Walmart. She says we need to enjoy it now because pretty soon we'll be living in the land of no Walmart again.

I love riding in my stroller, and my brother and sister love to help push. If the number of kisses they give me is any indication of how they feel, then I am one loved little girl. Sometimes my brother even tells my mom, "Mom, I love that baby sooooo much."

I also told my mom that big one-month-olds do not take baths on the bathroom counter, so starting yesterday she let me take a bath in the big kid tub. I really like baths, although as you can see they sometimes make me a bit sleepy (which makes them like just about everything else!). However, for the record, I do not like having water dripped in my eyes from a wet washcloth. Special thanks to my big brother Sawyer for helping me discover how much I do not like this.
Here I am on my one-month birthday with my friend Mr. Monkey. Mom says she's going to take a picture of me every month with Mr. Monkey so we can see how much I'm growing. Aren't we cute? I met Mr. Monkey on my very first day of life. We go way back.
And, last but not least, I would like to say Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad today. Mom says she and dad have been married nine years, whatever a year is. I'm sure glad they found each other; otherwise you wouldn't be here looking at all these pictures of me!
I'm going on my first real trip this weekend. Check back soon to read about my big adventure!


  1. Sarah Claire,

    Hi. My name is Micah. I know that we haven't met, but we have been in the same room before (although you were still "on the inside"). I just wanted to let you know that things are going to get tougher for you. Once you start sleeping only 16 hours a day you are going to have to figure out what to do with all of that extra time. I used to do thinks like suck on my fingers, drool, and load my diaper. Now that I have grown up some, I usually try to figure out what rooms are empty in our flat (don't worry, you'll figure out what a flat is soon) and go in them and make a mess. It really is pretty fun. I still load my diaper, though. That never gets old. My mom and dad said that I would get to meet you soon. Maybe we can hang out a little while our families do boring things like talk and whatever else adults do. The good news is that I have older sisters and an older brother. I'm thinking that they will naturally pair off together with your brother and sister which will leave us with plenty of alone time. You should see me with my shirt off. I think I look pretty good. Alright, time to go take a nap. I've been up for like two hours already. I'm bushed. I'll be dreaming about you my sweet, Sarah Claire. Sorry if that was too forward, my dad said girls like that kind of talk.