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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Things We'll Do For Free Food

Our favorite fast food chicken restaurant has had some fun promotions lately, and we, not being ones to pass up a chance to get a free meal, have had fun taking advantage of them.

First, a few weeks ago, they held a Princess Party, at which anyone who came to dinner dressed as a princess would receive a free meal. Luckily, Lee Anna had just been given this beautiful Cinderella dress as a birthday present (complete with shoes and crown), so she was all set. Since we were busy that night, Aunt Claire and Zach volunteered to take the kids to the party. As you can see, Aunt Claire got in on the dress-up fun, too.
Aren't they beautiful?
And the party was more than just free chicken. They also had a
bounce house for the kids, nail painting for the princesses... and horse carriage rides! It was a fun night for the princes and the princesses!

Then, today they had yet another irresistible offer of free chicken. This time the free meals went to anyone dressed as a cow. Sawyer already had this adorable raincoat--a gift from Mimi when we arrived back in the land where it rains more than five days a year. We had to get a little more creative with Lee Anna's outfit, but I think it turned out cute. Didn't Aunt Claire do a great job with the ears?
Here they are mooing their little hearts out. No, the grown-ups didn't join in on the fun this time, although we did join in on the chicken eating.

Now if only we could convince them to take their chicken operation overseas...

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