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Monday, March 01, 2010

Our Little Artist

Today was an exciting day for Lee Anna. She got to go to her first day of Art Class! A sweet homeschooling friend of mine talked to a local art cafe about doing a class for our kids. They were happy to schedule a time for them to come.
So today, four very excited five-and-six-year-olds started working on their first project--a giant paper mache watch that will be a working clock! Today they assembled the pieces and "painted" the paper on. Next week they'll get to paint their watches. I'm hoping someone who has finished first grade will actually install the clock mechanism.

Lee Anna has been beside herself with excitement about this class. When I first told her about it (which was only two days ago), she said, "Oh, that will be great because I'm a really good art...um...artist." It took her a minute to think of the word for it, but she loves to do it!

Yesterday evening I suggested that she might want to pick out her clothes for today, and she came back with her t-shirt from the Jacksonville Zoo, chosen very thoughtfully because it has paint splotches all over it. She said she thought it would be a good one for art class "since it has art stuff on it."

Not long after that, Jason found her on the couch playing with her Magna Doodle. She told him she was just practicing for some things she might have to do in her art class. We'll be sure to share pictures of her finished products.

*Update from Tuesday, March 2*
Today one of Lee Anna's school assignments was to write about her first art class. Here's what she wrote:
On my first day of art class, I got to start making a huge clock tht looks like a giant watch. My teachers are going to put the machine in it and make it work with the hands. And I'm going to paint a dot right where I want the hands to be. My art class was at Art Cafe. David was ther. There were four kids, but I can't remember the other two. I wore my shirt that I got at the zoo for my brother's birthday, because it was a kind of art shirt. I liked it.

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