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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Special Visitor

We've had a special guest tagging along with us this week. The kids' cousin Autumn has been reading about Flat Stanley at her school in Texas, and she asked if she could send him to us.We were so excited to get Stanley in the mail, and we're having fun showing him around our city. Lee Anna even made some extra Stanleys to accompany Autumn's on all their adventures.
So far Stanley has seen the world's longest river, a thousand-year-old fortress...
and some slightly-newer establishments! We thought this last one would be meaningful for a classroom full of kindergarteners.

We have big plans for Stanley this week. Tonight he gets to go to the airport to pick up Mimi and Papaw who are coming for a short visit on their way to visit Uncle Andy. I guess we'll let them tag along with Stanley this week, too!

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