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Friday, July 30, 2010

Beautiful Feet

(Disclaimer: If you don't like looking at feet, you should probably stop reading now. Consider yourself warned.)

We had a fun little mother/daughter outing today with some of the friends we've made this month. We girls all went to get pedicures!The little girls actually got their fingers painted too, while the moms just enjoyed having their feet taken care of (another mom and I were both told that our feet had "big problems," so apparently it was high time!). The pic above is Lee Anna with her color selection. It turned out really cute!
She went for the alternating look, and then the girl who painted them added lots of cute decorations on top of that. Here's a close-up of her fingers:
And here are Lee Anna's toes, along with her friend Annabelle's. I think it's fun that she has a friend here named Annabelle, since her nickname since birth has been "Lee Anna Belle."
Here are all the girls with the ladies who made their nails beautiful. I know we were a more, um, exciting crowd than their typical customers, but they were very kind and liked seeing how excited the girls were.
And here are mother's and daughter's feet. I don't know that I've ever had a color quite that bright on my toes, but I was assured that it's a great summer color. I do really like it.
And last, you can't see our toes, but here's me with some of my sweet new friends.
It's hard to believe we just met these guys a few weeks ago. They feel like family now, which means we've got some hard goodbyes coming up in less than a week.

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