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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Seeing the Sights

We're away from home this month, visiting Jordan for a work conference. We've gotten to know some other great families, and this weekend several of us went together to visit some of the sights. It was very, very hot, but we laughed a lot and loved getting to see such neat places.Here are the kids on Mt. Nebo doing their best Moses impression. We're pretty sure that's how Moses looked gazing off into the Promised Land, except maybe without the guard rail.

And here we are sticking our feet in the Jordan River. The kids weren't thrilled at how green it was, but they had fun putting their toes in.

We also got to visit the Dead Sea, but we didn't take any pictures. Lee Anna got in the water briefly, but did not like the way the salty water made her skin feel. On the way home, we stopped at a tourist shop and were looking at some magnets for sale. Lee Anna saw one that said "The Dead Sea" and she said, "We could get that, and I could write underneath it, 'I DON'T LIKE IT'."

Sorry there aren't more pictures. We totally forgot our camera on this trip, so we are relying on other people to document the cool things we're doing. Good thing we have nice friends!

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