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Friday, April 14, 2006

Garbage Collection I took this picture from our front window to show you all a few things we've discovered. This is a typical garbage truck that roams our neighborhood a few times a week. You folks in Texas might notice a similarity between this old Mazda and a certain silver Mazda pickup somebody used to drive in Cleburne. Usually there will be a guy or two standing on top of all the trash, packing it down. One morning, I saw one of these fellows take a broken bottle and throw it over the wall (into the ever-growing trash pile) rather than put it in the truck where he might step on it. Once, in a taxi, we were following one of these rigs and some trash was blowing out. The driver told me, half in English, that the problem with their system is that there is no system.
You might also notice that the back of this truck has extended rails, and what you might call a wooden bed-liner. We never saw wooden bed-liners in the states, because they would get wet and rot. But here, it only rains a few times a year, so if it gets wet today, it will be dry tomorrow. Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi, Jason, Beth, and LeeAnna!
    Couldn't help but compare with our trash trucks, and concluded that, because their truck is so small, they must not have as much trash as we do! I noticed what appears to be bars on your front window....decorative or protective? I hope it is just ornamental. Hope you are ready for that lil boy, for the time is at hand! We talk to Dad every morning and ask Him to watch over you. Happy Easter! We love you.

  2. Hey gang,
    Enjoyed the new comparison. Glo had a picture of this at dinner today and I had not even seen it,so logged in to check it out.
    You mean they don't have laws that keep stuff from blowing out the back just like they do in TX?? Yea, and they work here, too!!
    Keep posting...it's much fun for us! Kit, rily, d

  3. Hey, that does remind me of a little truck I used to see in Cleburne. I even saw a couch sticking out the back once. It is nice to see that there are so many things to remind y'all of us back here. Y'all take it easy. We love you.