We're Jason, Beth, Lee Anna, Sawyer, and Sarah Claire, a family of five living, learning, and laughing lots in Northern Africa.
We hope you can learn a little (and maybe laugh a little too) as you read about our latest adventures.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lee Anna is having lots of fun with all the clothes we've been given for the new baby. She is not the least bit concerned that they are not exactly her size. We're just hoping that she'll let the baby wear them, too!
She's especially fond of the hats, which fit very snugly around her almost-two-year-old head. She's even decided that it's so much fun to put on the baby's clothes that her friends should do it, too. Twice this week, she wore the solid blue hat to preschool. Her little head is soaking with sweat by the time we get there, but it makes her happy!

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