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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Highway Hilarity

Okay, imagine this scene taking place in America. You're driving on a big highway, like I-635 around Dallas, and there are four or five lanes of traffic in each direction. Except here, there aren't stripes to designate the lanes but the road is wide enough for four or five lanes. So you're riding on this highway going, say, 55 m.p.h., because the traffic is pretty thick. But we don't really know how fast we're going here, because the speedometers in the taxis read km/h and none of them actually work, so they all say we're going zero, when we're pretty sure that we're actually moving. So anyway, you're riding with your windows rolled down (no A/C and everybody smokes) and a guy pulls up next to you on the right and yells across you to your driver something like, "Hey, how do you get to Ft. Worth from here?" and the driver asks something like "Which part of Ft. Worth?" and the guy tells him and the driver says, "Follow me, I'll point to your exit when it's time." They only slow down a little to have this conversation.

This scene happens all the time here. It's kinda fun.

I told our driver today that I don't want to get a car and drive here because all these people are crazy. He just laughed.

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  1. Somehow I can't really imagine the sort of driving you've described. Wait! I've driven in Miami.