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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Beach Pics I

Here are Jason and Sawyer, enjoying our 'relaxing' (HA) day at the beach.
Note the half-eaten plate of spaghetti and eggplant. It must be early in the day, judging by the still-pale color of Jason's shoulder.

I could handle swimming in jeans and a t-shirt (although I don't want to do it again any time soon). It was having to wear wet jeans for the next five hours that really got to me.

Can you find the really, really white guy? Mohammed is to the left of Jason,
wearing a white tank top. They're about the same color.

Here's Lee Anna doing what she did all day--keeping her feet off of the sand.

You can read more than you ever needed to know
about our trip to the beach in the post below.

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