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Monday, June 12, 2006

Harvard, Here I Come!

A Note from Lee Anna

To all my admiring fans:
I think my mom & dad told you that since I'm a big kid now I moved up from the Step 1 class to the Step 2 class at my daycare. Well, we 2-year-olds get to do all kinds of things that the little kids don't, like tracing and painting and "oral studies," whatever that is. I even got a report card at the end of my first week. Since you can't all see it hanging on our fridge, my mom said she would put it on the web so everyone would know what a star student I am. My favorite class is definitely swimming. I haven't quite got all the strokes down, but I love to splash! My parents were surprised that I got all E's in sleep because I don't always act like I've had a good nap when I get home.

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  1. LeeAnna! We are so proud of you! It is no surprise to us that you did so well! You are a big girl now! We miss you and love you bunches!!!!!