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Thursday, June 22, 2006

For Music Nerds Only

I promise this is the last blog about Lee Anna's crazy birthday presents. This piece of music came with her 2-in-1 xylophone/piano. The Chinese engineers who printed this familiar tune evidently didn't understand the importance of precision when printing notes on the staff. They also took some liberties with the rhythm. I'm sure that was intentional, right? If you really want to have fun with this, get another music nerd to read the printed notes (or play them on your favorite instrument) while you sing the notes represented by the numbers. Remember you can click on this (or any other picture here) to make it a little bigger. There were several of these cards, all with standard Western tunes and fun oriental names. Lee Anna loves the new piano/xylophone.

Social Update:
We're going to the beach Saturday with the same family we've seen the last two Saturdays. Watch this space Sunday for fun pics of a beach where women can't even wear shorts!
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  1. Yes, this is a fellow music nerd wishing to chime in :-) I tried to make the picture bigger but our connection is so slow and unpredictable somtimes that it's just better to not even attempt. My personal favorite is when I find mugs and such that try to have music notes written but are completely wrong! I mean really, surely they know someone somewhere who can write an eighth note that's actually darkened in. For a while it looked as though I would be teaching music here. I talked with the head of the "music" department and he told me he had names for the notes (I was thinking something in Arabic...right?): "blanc" (french for white) for a half note and "noir" (french for black) for the quarter. Then I was informed that there were no listening samples - he would just tell a story about mozart then have them "imagine" the piece. Needless to say those jokes got a lot of milage from me! Talk to you later!

  2. here's a non music nerd's comment:
    i don't get it.