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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Moving Day!

We made the move to our new flat a few weeks ago, but we didn't do it without a little help from our friends. Here is Sawyer, helping Akita pack up our old kitchen. Sawyer loves to hang out with Akita!It won't be long before this lovely furniture gets replaced. We could probably get used to the colors and patterns (at least Jason could...), but the comfort level is somewhere between sitting on lumpy rocks and sitting on an old, worn-out school bus seat that doesn't have any padding. We told the landlord it wasn't comfortable, and he said to "wait one month and it will fall and be soft." Right.
Here's Matt supervising Jason as he puts the fridge in place. Or is Jason just pointing at a spot on the wall? Either way, our new kitchen is the same size as our old one.

Our new kitchen has one big advantage, though. We bought a clothes dryer so we don't have to hang the clothes outside any more! When we bought the dryer, I asked if they could deliver it. Now last time I bought big appliances in the States, they used a truck for delivery. Not this guy. He just threw the dryer up on his shoulder and walked the half mile from the shop to the house. I gave him a generous tip! I'm not sure these girls helped a lot, but they enjoyed riding Lee Anna's elephant for a while so the rest of us could work. Overall, we're loving the new place. We've got a big outdoor area out back for the kids to play and for the parents to grill meat and drink lemonade. Watch this space for pictures soon.

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