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Monday, April 30, 2007

One-on-Two Defense, Day 1

So Far So Good
Today was the first day of a 5-day experiment to see if I can handle the kids all by myself. I'll be writing these posts without my usual copy editor, so there may be spelling or grammar mistakes you're not accostumed to seeing here.

Beth left today around noon for a conference on helping people learn the language. We all learn to speak the language from native speakers, but we also meet with other Americans every week for the first several months for tips on learning and advice on adapting to the new culture. Beth is going to learn how to be a "coach" and to help other coaches do their job better. It's a little hard to explain!

Today was to be Sawyer's first day at the daycare where Lee Anna goes. He's only five days short of a year old, and he can walk around and defend himself from bigger kids (like Lee Anna). And it seemed like it might make it easier for me to get the breakfast dishes washed before supper if both kids were at school. Lee Anna is excited about him joining her there.

But Sawyer's been sick for about a week, and didn't really feel up to going to school today, so he stayed home with Daddy all afternoon. Tomorrow seems like a good "first day of school," right?

When we got Lee Anna from schoool today, there was a note in her bag about the trip they are taking on Wednesday (they take a trip almost every Wednesday). And the bottom line of the note says "The nursery will be closed tomorrow because of Labour Day!!!" So we'll all hang out at home tomorrow, I guess.

Hardee's was kind enough to prepare dinner for Lee Anna and me this evening and bring it to us. I can't see doing a lot of cooking while holding a sick baby and trying to keep another toddler in line!

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