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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick Visit!

The last week of March, G.G. and Jason's Aunt Ruth stopped by for a very brief visit. They had been in Italy on a choir tour, and arranged to hop across the ocean while they were in the neighborhood. They visited some of the tourist hot-spots, but mostly they enjoyed seeing the grandbabies. Here's Lee Anna taking a picture of someone taking a picture of her. Even though the camera she is holding is not digital, she still thinks part of taking a picture is turning the camera around so that you can see the back of the camera as soon as the picture is taken.

Above, you'll see G.G. loving on Lee Anna. Below, you'll see a group of Arab cuties loving on Sawyer. They told us to take a picture with our camera, but they didn't even want to see it. Maybe they just wanted him to remember them twenty years from now.
Here's Lee Anna riding her new tricycle on our big back porch. The balcony in our last flat was about six feet wide and three feet deep. This one is closer to 40 by 40! The kids love running around out back, and sweeping the leaves up feels a little reminiscent of doing spring yard work in Texas.
Thanks for coming to see us, G.G. and Aunt Ruth.
It was great to see you!

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