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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Haircuts All Around

Today was a big day for Sawyer--his first haircut. As you've seen in previous posts, after fourteen months he was getting a little shaggy, so we decided it was time for a visit to Jason's barber.
Here are a few "Before" shots (above and below)
And here's the "After" shot.
(Remember you can click any of them to enlarge.)
I realize in these pictures it looks like there's no hair to cut, but trust me, it's there. It's just very, very blonde. (Don't ask us where the blonde hair and blue eyes came from. We don't know.)
Lee Anna thought that Sawyer's haircut looked like so much fun that she should have one, too. So we walked next door to the women's side and she got her hair cut as well. Thankfully, her stylist left a little more hair than Sawyer's did. Here she is posing after they were all finished.

Stay tuned this week. We've got some more fun things to blog about soon.

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