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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Magical Night

Tonight, Lee Anna and I had a special treat. Thanks to a friend living in Amsterdam (oh, the wonders of the internet!), we found out that the Disney on Ice Princess Classics show is here visiting our city this month. So we gathered up some friends and got ready for a girls night out!

The Disney princesses show features seven princesses, and Lee Anna only really knows who one of them is, but that didn’t matter. She was mesmerized the entire time. I don’t think she said a word until about 45 minutes in. She also didn’t clap her hands, but not because she wasn’t happy. She wouldn’t clap because she didn’t want to take her hands off her ears. The sound was never once too loud or even close, but she was just sure that it was about to be. So she spent all but the last 30 minutes of the show with her hands covering her ears.
What finally got her to take her hands off was the popcorn. She couldn’t stand not having any, so she started pulling one hand down just briefly to grab a bite and stuff it in her mouth, and eventually she realized that when she did that, it wasn’t hurting her ears. From then on, she clapped and waved nonstop.

Ariel, of course, was Lee Anna’s undisputed favorite, but she also got pretty excited when Mickey and Minnie made their appearance. By far, though, Aladdin and Jasmine got the biggest response from this Middle Eastern crowd.

We had a great night. This is something we certainly never expected to do here! Thanks, Whitney, for the tip, and thanks, Daddy, for giving your girls a night out.

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