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Saturday, March 08, 2008

We should be in pictures!

Recently, we had to get some more passport photos made, since we're always needing them for some official form or another. This time, we snapped the photos at home standing in front of one of Sawyer's white baby blankets, and then I took them to a Fujifilm store nearby. There are Fujifilm and Kodak stores on every other corner here, but I learned this week that they're not all created equal. There is one near a big shopping mall where lots of foreigners hang out, and the guy there is a pro with Photoshop. We basically take him a rough draft of what we want printed, tell him what we really want it to look like, and he comes up with great prints.
So I walked into this Fuji joint near home, thinking it would be similar. It was similar--they both have green Fuji signs, and computers and printers and photography stuff. I asked the older gentleman at the desk if he could print from my thumb drive, and he directed me to a younger lady beside the printer. She handed my thumb drive to a 20-something guy who was sitting behind the printer at a computer, also running Photoshop. He took my thumb drive and stuck it way in the back of his computer and found a USB port. The other shop we go to is well organized and clean, and just looks pretty professional. This place was a half-inch deep in photo trimmings and old pictures. I was a little nervous. There were stacks of old CD-ROMs all over the place. The computer equipment looked a little less than state-of-the-art, but it seemed to be functional. The whole store was probably 10 feet wide and 15 feet long, plus a small studio room in the back for taking wedding pictures and such.

I told them that I just needed 20 passport-sized prints of each of these two pictures. After about 10 minutes, they handed me an envelope with the 40 pictures I requested, plus a couple of 3x5 inch prints of each of us, plus the lovely little strips you see above (at no extra charge). I was almost tempted to get an 8x10 of myself with the purple bubbly heart frame, but decided to wait on that for a while.

The pictures below are what we didn't use for our passports this time. I was trying to make a serious face, and just couldn't quite get it together.


  1. Hilarious!!! I love the one with the flower around your heads!! I am laughing sooo hard! Those pics are keepers!