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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What do you see here?

It's another 4-legged friend! This one looks a little friendlier, if a bit out of place.

Last night, we were eating at our favorite southwest hamburger grill (which shall remain nameless). The weather was really nice, so we chose to eat outside on their cool "rocking tables." The benches are connected to the table, and the whole thing will rock gently while you enjoy your Big Mouth Burger. This also is a much easier way for the two grownups in our family to enjoy the meal, since the two junior members of the clan are free to play untethered on the play area.

When we arrived, there were three young men eating at the next table. They finished before we did and exited the scene. Since we weren't right on the beaten path, and since it was several hours past peak rush time, the waiters were a bit slow in clearing the table. The dining area is separated from the adjacent garden area by a short concrete wall with an iron rail on the top.

Several opportunistic felines have taken up residence in the aforementioned garden. We happened to catch this one as he lifted a not-quite-bare chicken wing bone and made it into a carry-out special. This was actually his second trip to the table, as we didn't have our phones out the first time he was up there.

I told Beth that we shouldn't name the restaurant, so as not to cut into their business by tarnishing their reputation, but she said that she had seen the cat up close and personal, and we're still going back. A lot.

And this guy is much more welcome to share a meal with us than our most recent 4-legged guest!

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