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Monday, May 05, 2008

Pedro Turns Two!

Today was Sawyer’s second birthday. He’s been nicknamed Pedro since before we ever saw him, since he was due (and came, I might add) on Cinco de Mayo. So, Happy Birthday, Little Pedro!
Since we left town for a little family vacation today, we started his birthday celebration a little early. Lee Anna helped make his cake last night. She thinks that the word birthday is synonymous with “cake” as in, “Mom, we really need to make his birthday!” or “Mom, I want my birthday to be chocolate cupcakes.” She did a good job, and, like any good cook, managed to sneak a few tastes for herself as well.
As soon as we set the cupcakes out on the table, Sawyer climbed up and started blowing on them. He has seen a few candles blown out in his day, and he was ready for his turn. When we finally sang to him, he was ready and blew both candles out on the first try.
Today, before we left, we let him find all his presents. I say “find” because, in the Stubblefield family tradition, we play “hot or cold” to find presents. The other day, Lee Anna was practicing this and told me she was playing “hot and warm and cold.” I said, “Oh, you’re playing hot and cold?” and she said, “No, hot and WARM and cold.”Sawyer was really excited about all his gifts. He’s at the stage where you have to work hard to convince him to move past the first gift to open the rest of them. He would have been completely content with any one of the great gifts he got today. You grandparents all outdid yourselves!
When the birthday festivities were over and we had finally finished packing, we headed to the beach. This is the same beach resort that we’ve been to several other times, and it’s fun to be back. We only got a few hours of swimming in this afternoon, but we’ll be back out there in the morning!

It’s been a special day celebrating our little man. What a fun, precious, entertaining gift he is to our family! We are so, so grateful!

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  1. He is fun, precious and entertaining! We love you, Sawyer!

    Uncle Matt, Aunt Stacey, Meredith, Madison and Matthew Ray