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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She really was watching!

This one's for you, Mimi!

You may remember that about two months ago, we had some special visitors from the states who put on an incredible VBS for our children while the adults were in meetings for a few days. Beth's mom & dad (aka Mimi & Papaw) were a part of that group that came, and one of Mimi's many jobs each day was to teach the kids the songs and motions that went along with their Hawaiian VBS theme. Then, at the end of the week, the kids presented all those songs for the parents.

Those of you who've been with us for a while may remember the Christmas program at Lee Anna's school. You know, the one where she just stood there and didn't say a word or sing a note or move a muscle the entire time. Well, once again at this event, she proved that she is not quite comfortable on the stage. You'll notice in the pictures below that Lee Anna wouldn't even stand with the other kids in front of the audience, and she's only standing as close as she is because I'm right behind her!

She had the same dead-panned expression on her face the whole time, and only moved her hands when I moved them for her. Neither of her parents has ever really struggled much with stage fright, but it looks like our firstborn has a little case of it. I asked her one time how it makes her feel when she has to be up in front of a group of people, and she said, "Maybe it makes me sweaty."

So here's the good news: Even though she gave no outward indication, Lee Anna really was listening and paying attention on some level when you were teaching all those songs, Mimi. She loves to listen to the CD and sing when it's just our family, and she even let me video her singing them so you could see that she knows them. Here's the proof!

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