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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Flood in the Desert

The other day, Jason brought the kids home from school while I was out running some errands. He walked back to the back of our flat to get something, and when he did, he heard the sound of spraying water coming from outside. He looked out the window to our back porch, and this is what he found... The entire porch under about 2 inches of water! Apparently last time he cleaned the porch, our building guard left the hose on and just turned off the sprayer, which meant that for days and days the water pressure had been building inside the hose. It finally gave way, and created a small geyser that slowly began to cover the porch with water.
We hadn't been out to the porch in several days because of the heat, so we have no idea how long that water might have been spraying into the air. Luckily, though, there's a drain in the middle of the porch, so after Jason turned off the hose, the water slowly drained itself out, leaving only a thin layer of mud behind. It was definitely less work than the time that the INSIDE of our flat flooded.

I think the highwater look works well for Jason. What do you think?

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