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Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Fun with Grandpa

I had a few more pictures I wanted to share from Grandpa's time with us, so here they are! Grandpa's last day with us also happened to be his birthday, so while he and Jason spent the morning looking at old rocks and stuff at the museum, the kids and I went on a little birthday-goods-gathering trip. We got an ice cream cake and a few small gifts, and we also got this cute little Happy Birthday banner. Lee Anna really did not understand what it was when she saw it in the package, and kept asking me all the way home what we were going to do with it. When we got it unwrapped, though, it all finally made sense, and she very carefully helped me hang it around the table.

In the picture above, the kids are waiting for Grandpa to come in the door. They wanted to yell "Happy Birthday" when he came in. It was cute seeing them so excited, although Sawyer made me wonder more than once if the Happy Birthday banner was actually going to make it until Grandpa got there.
It did, thankfully, and Grandpa loved his birthday surprise. The kids even initiated him into the Stubblefield family tradition of playing Hot or Cold to find your presents. I've mentioned before that they don't really do it very well yet. They mostly just run to the place where the present is hidden and stand there until you "find" it. Sawyer even pulled a few of Grandpa's presents out himself!
The rest of these pics are not birthday-related, but I just wanted to post them for one reason or another. I love this one because it's such a good representation of so much of Grandpa's time here.
And I love this one because it's gorgeous! It was taken on his birthday, from a hill in the middle of the city.
And I love these last two just for the cuteness factor. We haven't taken the kids on several of our recent trips to the pyramids, but we wanted them to visit again before we head back to the states in a few months, so we thought this would be a good time to do that.

I loved this picture of Sawyer sitting on the pyramid. Finally, a rock too big for him to throw! (Although he did find many other smaller rocks to throw while we were out there.)

And this shot of Lee Anna makes me smile. That's my little princess!

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