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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sugar and Spice

Allow us to introduce to you... our precious BABY GIRL!
(Sorry her hands are covering her face. I guess she's a little camera shy.)

We had our second ultrasound today, and the doctor confirmed that, just as Lee Anna predicted, the girls will soon be outnumbering the boys in our family. Everything looked wonderful, and we're still expecting her to make her grand entrance sometime around June 12.
She was VERY active during the ultrasound and kept the sonographer
chasing her around the whole time! I'm sure she won't do that to her
mother once she's born, though (right???).
She may not have given us a clear face shot, but she wasn't shy about letting us see that she's a "she." For those of you who don't look at ultrasound pics often, those are her two thigh bones and rear end, like a picture taken from underneath her looking up.

How incredible to see each little vertebrae. What an amazing Creator!

It won't be long before we're holding this sweet miracle in our arms.
We love you already, Baby Girl!


  1. Congrats on a new baby girl! I know ya'll are thrilled! I can't wait unitl God blesses us with a girl, although I sure do love the boy! ~Lindsey C.

  2. Yay! Thanks for keeping us up to date!

    I'm excited--would be, boy or girl--just excited that there will be a new little Davis in the world. :)

    So does Lee Anna get any say in the baby's name? :)

  3. Too precious! Congratulations!!! We're praying for you as you finish well!
    The Critters