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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Shock and Awe

That's what we felt yesterday when we went to Lee Anna's school for their annual Christmas program (remember Christmas here is celebrated on Jan. 7th). As you may remember from this post and this one, up to this point our daughter has not been one for public performances. She even told me once that they make her "feel sweaty."

So, with the running track record, we didn't have very high expectations for this year's Christmas program. We asked her several times leading up to it if she was going to sing the songs with her class, and she always just grinned, shrugged her shoulders, and said, "I don't know."

Well, from the time her class walked out on the stage yesterday, she was grinning ear to ear, and when they started singing, she sang her little heart out (which is certainly the appropriate way to sing in these parts, as you'll hear in the video!). She even did the motions! Here's a sampling of just one of the many Christmas classics they sang for us yesterday.

I use the term "sang" loosely. Some might classify it as rhythmic yelling. You'll be glad to know that this school is not the primary source for Lee Anna's musical training, nor her English training. In case you can't understand, the words they're singing are:

Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman,
Once there was a snowman, tall, tall, tall.
In the sun he melted, melted, melted,
In the sun he melted, small, s
mall, small.

When I looked up last year's post to link to it, I noticed that her Daddy wrote, "Alas, she's only three. Maybe next year she'll bust out and sing for everybody."

We just never dreamed she really would.

Merry Christmas Again, Everyone!

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